Pico DSP

Pico DSP is a small (3HP) digital effects module by Erica Synths. It is considered the little brother to the Erica Synths Black Hole module.

There are eight different effects. Each effect has two parameter controls and a Wet/Dry mix. The first parameter control has a CV input.

The module has a mono audio input, and stereo outputs.

There is a button in the middle of the module that changes between the eight different effects, and an LED that displays the current effect.


Pico DSP Manual


LED Effect Param. 1 Param. 2
Mono Delay Delay Time Feedback
Pitch Shift Delay Pitch Delay Time
Stereo Delay Delay Time Feedback
Granular Delay Feedback (Max setting freezes the loop) Delay Time
Reverb Reverb Time Tone
Saturated Reverb Tone Reverb Time
Leslie Speaker Rotation Speed High-Pass Filter
Overdrive/Bitcrush Overdrive Bitcrush
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