Programmable looper by Whimsical Raps.

"Considered as a traditional tape system, W/'s sounds can be played forward and back / at fixed speeds / with continuous through-zero momentum. These playings-back are of voices recorded with IN, layered sound upon sounds."


W/ product page
Firmware changelog

These options are available on boot:

Izzy (tutorial)

Hold loop+record while powering-on.

Clear tape

  1. Hold record+ while powering-on
  2. Release record and .
    Orange LED above play pulses slowly
  3. Press play, record, loop

Updating the firmware

  1. Hold record while powering-on
  2. Play firmware audio file into IN
Firmware update procedure


  • play to play forward or stop
  • +play to play backwards
  • hold to seek forward
  • hold to rewind
  • loop to loop at cue points
    n/a if playhead isn't between cues

Switch modes

  • play → LIVE
  • loop+record → CUE
  • hold record → GLOBAL

CV Playback in Nav

  • THAT speed, direction (-5V .. +5V)
    Negative voltage plays backwards.
  • THIS next cue (-5V .. +5V)
    All available tape cues are assigned evenly across the control's CV range.

from NAV, press play or +play.
The tape plays to OUT.
IN is mixed if enabled (default: on).

While playing

play to stop and exit to NAV.

  • play+ double speed
  • play+ halve speed
  • loop+ next cue
  • loop+ previous cue
  • add a cue and loop
  • add a cue only (writes to tape)
  • loop toggle looping
  • record toggle recording from IN
  • loop+record add cue and record
  • record+ - toggle overdub/overwrite


in Dub mode (default)

  • THIS - trigger recording on/off
  • THAT - (record) level ratio
    0V overdub
    -5V overwrite
    +5V previous material

Additional CV modes

Starting with firmware 1.2, THIS and THAT can be reconfigured in LIVE:

  • for cue & speed control (like NAV)
  • as sampler controls (like CUE)
  • to record CV to the tape
  • output loop position and cue trigger

See the firmware docs for setup details.

Sampler behaviour and access to editing cues via playhead / cursor.

  • Enter from NAV: loop+record
  • Exit to NAV: loop

Cursor Navigation

  • hold play to audition. release returns.
  • hold to move cursor forward
  • hold to move cursor back
  • loop+ cursor to next cue
  • loop+ cursor to previous cue


  • THIS = gate
    trigger >15msec play and loop
    trigger <15msec play without loop
    mix in CV to select cue: -1V prev, +1V next
  • THAT = 1V/oct pitch

Cue Editing

Disconnect THIS and THAT.

When the playhead/cursor is exactly at a cue point, the orange LED above record lights up.

With the LEDs above record:

  • loop+record to add a new cue
  • record to relocate previous cue
  • record to delete cue

Hold record in any mode to enter.

to exit.

Select tape

  1. press loop to enter selection
  2. select tape with loop, play, record
  3. to confirm and exit to NAV

The currently active tape is dimly lit.

Clear all cues

  1. hold loop to select
  2. press record to confirm, exit to NAV

Input monitoring

record to toggle INOUT routing

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