Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for things you might forget:

  • To tune the oscillator patch sequencer pitch cv to the 1v/oct input, select note A on the sequencer as the reference cv and press the tune button, the Illuminati LED will turn FUCHSIA.

  • To add noise on the Even / Odd output, hold press the tune button and turn the Furhtrrrr / Timbre knob CW.

Golden Master Manual


Godspeed is a compact, multi output VCO with famous Furthrrrr Generator waveshaper and autotuner in 6hp. It features an extra square sub oscillator output and a built in noise generator, soft and hard sync for additional harmonic shaping, octave switcher and modulation index with pre-patched self-modulation to create FM synthesis blocks on the fly.


Godspeed product page


Godspeed is a multi waveform VCO with a Strong-zero oscillator core that allows for more musical and on the fly FM modulation. Designed with performance in mind it has a built in autotuner that simply tunes the oscillator to the nearest A note, saving you time and nerves during the sound check on stage. The oscillator has 3 waveform outputs, 2 of which have variable waveforms and the other one is a square sub oscillator to beef up your leads / bass lines. Additional noise generator is built into the even / odd output to add extra character and thickness to your sound.

Waveform outputs:

  • Sine / Fold:

    By default this output has a sine wave, but additional waveshaping using the Furthrrrr wavefolder can be applied using the Furhtrrrrr / Timbre knob. This output lets you explore the Westcoast synthesis and also works great for percussive sounds.
  • Even / Odd:

    Lets you continuously morph between Even and Odd using the Furhtrrrr / Timbre knob. Prepatched discrete square wave sub-oscillator adds an additional low end to your bass line and a built-in noise generator provides extra thickness to the sound, similar to the SH101 oscillator section. To add noise to the even / odd output simply hold-press the Tune button and turn the Furthrrrrr / Timbre knob in the CW direction.
  • Sub:

    Square wave sub oscillator, output tuned 1 octave below the base frequency set by the Frequency knob.

Front panel controls

Tune button: short press tunes the oscillator to the nearest A-note. When used with sequencers, first connect the sequencer output to the 1v/oct input and then press the Tune button as different devices produce slightly different offsets to the pitch signal.

1v/oct CV input: unattenuated exponential frequency modulation input with 1 Volt per octave scale, range approx. -5...+5v.

Frequency knob::manual coarse frequency control with range of approx. 8-9 octaves.
FM input: attenuated thru-zero AC-coupled linear FM audio input. Modular level input accepts approx -5...+5v and is attenuated using the Mood Index knob. Normalled to pure sine wave to create self modulation when nothing is plugged into ‘fm in’ jack.

Mood Index knob: manual control and CV adjusts amount of modulation (index) applied to FM IN input. It either attenuates the FM input or controls the amount of internal cross modulation.

Mood Index CV input: external CV input for the amount of modulation applied to the FM input or the amount of Cross Mod.

Furthrrrr / Timbre knob: ‘Furthrrrrrr’ control with CV influence on wavefolder and odd/even shaper, manual ‘Furthrrrrrr’ and ‘Mood Index’ knobs act as attenuators when plugs are inserted. Controls the amount of noise present on the Even / Odd output when turned while the Tune button is pressed.

Furthrrrr / Timbre CV input: external CV input for the wavefolder on Sine output and shaper for the Even / Odd output.

Soft / Hard sync inputs: sync inputs, soft reversed sync and hard restarting sync. Can be used to add harmonics with external audio sources or feed it triggers when you want a consistent phase for percussive sounds like Kick drums and others.

Octave switch: allows you to switch octaves by +-1 octave.

Sub audio output: square wave sub-oscillator audio output, normalled to the even / odd output when no patch cable is inserted.

Even / Odd audio output: variable waveform oscillator output.

Sine / Fold audio output: post wavefolder oscillator output.

Tuner LED: shows VCO tuning, Blue if lower than the closest A-note, Red if higher than the closest A-note, Pink when in perfect tune.


Godspeed has a built-in autotuner that lets you tune your oscillator within seconds to the nearest A note. Patch the pitch output from your sequencer to the 1v/oct input on Godspeed, press the A note on the keyboard / sequencer and then press the Tune button, you will see the Tune LED light up fuschia once the tuning process is complete.

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