Frames is a digitally controlled quad VCA by Mutable Instruments.


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Channel Settings

Interpolation curve Hold Add for 1 second.
Channel knobs control interpolation curves per channel.
Options are step, linear, accelerating, decelerating, smooth departure/arrival, and bouncing.
Response curve Hold Del for 1 second.
Channel knobs control response curves per channel, from linear to exponential.

Save/Reset State

Save Hold Add for 5 seconds. State is saved and will be restored on boot.
Reset Hold Del for 5 seconds to clear all keyframes.



Frame knob and CV input smoothly interpolates between keyframes. To play the animation patch an LFO into Frame.


Select a frame already containing a keyframe and press Add 5 times to enter/exit sequencer mode.


Send pulses on the Frame input to cycle output to the next keyframe. Ensure Modulation attenuverter is set to maximum. Frame knob no longer modifies output state.


Rotate Frame knob to minimum position and press Del 10 times to enter/exit the mode.


Enable +10v offset. Outputs are now wavetable oscillators.

Frame knob and CV control pitch.

Channel 1 knob controls wavetable position.

Channel 2 knob offsets wavetable position of each oscillator. At 12 o'clock all oscillators have same wave shape.

Channel 3: After 12 o'clock creates phase shift between oscillators. Before 12 o'clock changes frequency between oscillators.

Channel 4 knob adds phase-modulation between neighbouring oscillators. Before 12 o'clock to modulate from previous channel, after 12 o'clock to modulate from next channel.

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